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Meeting 1

Date: 21 February 2012

Major Community Issues discussed

1. Small events space bookings

At present spaces within the Parklands may be booked but this does not ensure sole use of the area. This can lead to confusion and frustration as to who has the right to use a space which users thought they had booked. Solution proposed by the Trust. A new system, where individuals may book a defined area and have exclusive use of it for a set period, will be put to the Trust in March. Cost will be dependent on the level of management required. Users will be held responsible for the cleanliness of the area at the conclusion of the event. The concept is similar to the present system where members of the public can book a sporting field for exclusive use. Approximately 25 areas have been identified for this purpose. It is hoped that the new system will be in place for the beginning of the new financial year.

CCC Comment/feedback
The CCC provided the following comment/feedback:

  1. Any measure which is seen to restrict the general public’s access to areas of the park is always sensitive. On the other hand, having certainty about access to a specific area is not an unreasonable expectation for park users booking in advance, and the CCC is supportive of approaches to allow this.
  2. Restricting access to current BBQ areas would raise community concerns, so the proposed areas available for reservations should be new areas outside the current BBQ areas.
  3. 25 areas seemed to be too great a number and would raise perceptions that users could only access the best spots if they paid for them. The CCC asked the Trust to reconsider the list and also provide an estimate of the percentage area of the park devoted to these areas. The CCC sought to be updated on progress on this.
  4. The CCC asked to be updated when the pilot is launched, and particularly on community reaction positive and negative.

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2. Grand Drive Safety Upgrade work

The Trust presented a report on cycling incidents in Centennial Park between 2004 and 2011. During this period, 19 medium level incidents and 11 low level incidents were recorded, almost all on Grand Drive. This is a major safety concern for the community. The highest priority area identified by the Trust is the Children's Learners Cycleway. This area is a highly popular area for young families and picnic groups, serviced by free public barbecues, a playground and the ever-popular Children's Learners Cycleway. There is, throughout the average week, the greatest concentration of young children in this zone. Particular concerns for this stretch of Grand Drive are:

a. Motorists and cyclists building up speed from Randwick Gate as it is downhill
b. Poor visibility reported by pedestrians in seeing cyclists coming around the corner from Randwick Gate
c. Cyclists travelling at speed in packs around Grand Drive, increasing the physical risk to other park users and themselves, exacerbated on this section by the above concerns
d. As car parking is on the inner side of Grand Drive, families need to cross the car and cycle lane to get to Children’s Learners Cycleway. In some instances, car have been seen parking in the cycle lane to unload, causing a safety risk to cyclists, motorists and themselves

The Trust reported that they were looking at a number of different possible individual or combination of solutions for the stretch of Grand Drive adjacent to the Children’s Learners Cycleway including:

a. Creation of a reduced speed zone with 20kph speed limit for cyclists and vehicles
b. Broad transverse stripes painted on the roadway throughout the zone
c. High pedestrian activity signage before and through the zone
d. Possible rear to curb parking to allow car boots to unload onto the footpath and exit without backing into the cycle lane
e. Creation of 2 new pedestrian crossings
f. Possible cycle-friendly speed humps either end of the zone

CCC Comment/feedback
The CCC provided the following comment/feedback:

  1. The CCC noted that, although it recognised that cyclists are themselves a legitimate group of users of the Parklands, the biggest recurring cause of informal complaints received by CCC members is the conflict between cyclists and other CP users, particularly in regard to cyclists travelling at speeds above the 30 kph limit.
  2. Given the physical restrictions on the zone (eg. not practical to move parking to the outside of Grand Drive) a combination of some or all of the proposed measures appeared a practical solution.
  3. Due to the significant impact on both cyclists and other users, the CCC recommended that the Trust conduct a full consultation with all users, particularly the various cycling bodies, and including asking for feedback on any alternatives for speed hump design.

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3. Children’s Garden project

Consideration is being given to developing a children’s garden along the lines of the Potter Garden in Melbourne’s Botanical Gardens. The preferred site is adjacent to the Education Precinct. Funds will be needed for such a project – donors will be necessary. It is hoped to be completed for the 125th anniversary of Centennial Park in 2013. The Trust will be conducting consultation with various interested parties over the coming months.

CCC Comment/feedback
The CCC supports the idea and asked the Trust to report back later in the year on the outcome of the consultation process.

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4. Queen’s Park Pavilion Café

An existing structure on the Darley Rd side of Queen’s Park is being considered for a new café. It is envisaged that patrons could enjoy a coffee while supervising their children in the adjacent playground. Management will put this business out to tender to interested parties, including to the Pizza shop, which is on the other side of the road from the site and may be impacted by the café opening.

CCC Comment/feedback
The CCC supports the concept and asked the Trust to report back later in the year on the outcome of the consultation process.

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5. Other issues considered

Matters also discussed by the CCC included:

  • Welcoming three new members; Vicki Etherington, Andrew Glover and Lise Maddocks
  • An update on the last Trust meeting and various issues arising
  • Events and capital works for the remainder of the year
Meeting 2

Date: 13 March 2012

Major Community Issues discussed

1. E S Marks Athletics Field Track Repair and related temporary closure

The Trust presented a paper on the planned and budgeted upgrade of the athletics field track (approx $1 million). It is urgent that the track is repaired or it will need to be permanently closed. A high standard upgrade may attract higher standard of competition and benefit all users. Repairs will take five months and will require closing the entire area, including the internal pitch. The Trust has been in consultation with key user groups, such as Athletics NSW, Little Athletics etc. As a result, work is planned for early October 2012 to finish in March 2013. Although this will still cause a very significant disruption to users, the period had been chosen as it has the relatively lowest activity.

CCC Comment/feedback
The CCC was very supportive of repairing the track, as this has been deteriorating over a number of years. The CCC recognised the significant impact on the community and endorsed the Trust’s ongoing consultation with stakeholder’s to ensure they have sufficient time to make alternative arrangements. The CCC asked the Trust to keep it informed of any changes or additional community issues arising because of the planned closure.

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2. Clover Moore letter

A letter has been received from Clover Moore, stating she had received complaints from a number of constituents who are concerned the CCC is not functioning as it was originally intended and raising concerns about a perceived lack of community consultation on two specific issues:

  1. The transfer of the Moriah College lease, and
  2. The decision to suspend car free days

CCC Comment/feedback
A meeting has been requested between the CCC Chairman, Giles Edmonds, with Clover Moore to discuss her concerns on the two specific community issues. Points to raise with Ms Moore in response to her concerns are:

  • The land involved in the Moriah College lease was never part of Centennial Parklands and therefore the decision had never had any involvement from the Trust or the CCC.
  • The proposal to suspend car free days had been discussed with the CCC and had its support. The key factor was the major decline of visitors on a car free Sunday, typically down to 25-30% of a normal Sunday. This equated to at least 10,000 less people using the park on those days than normal. As a result, the CCC had endorsed the decision at the time without requesting the Trust to conduct further consultation. In addition, the CCC agreed the need to increase its transparency with the community through improving the quality of information on its discussions available to the community on its website.

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3. Clean Up Australia day Feedback from CCC member

CCC members participated in the Clean Up Australia Day clean up in the Parklands, as an opportunity to engage further with the community as well as. Approximately 65 volunteers in total participated. Key insights arising where:

  • Very limited awareness of the CCC and its function by other volunteers, highlighting the need to raise the CCC community profile.
  • The relatively small amount of rubbish that needed to be collected, considering the high usage that the Parklands have, indicating that, in general, the public are very considerate and make sure they take their rubbish with them and put it in the bins.

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4. Other Issues considered

Matters also discussed by the CCC included:

  • Cycling safety: the Trust is holding ongoing meetings with stakeholder groups, including Cycling NSW, regarding its proposals for traffic calming in the Children’s Learners Cycleway section of Grand Drive. The Trust has put up full details of the proposals on the website. Feedback will close March 31 2012.
  • Legislation changes to by the Government to bring the CP leases into line with other departments: the increase is required to enable CP to seek private funding to upgrade commercial facilities, as funding is unlikely to be available through the government. Key issues reported in the media raised by the concerned parties are around the protection of the green space within the park and the commercialisation of Centennial Park. The CCC noted that the leases refer to commercial leases in the EQ and for the Golf Course.
  • Centennial Park Labyrinth: article from SMH re Labyrinth circulated. Fundraising is the responsibility of the proposer, Emily Simpson, and is ongoing but there is a cut off date by which the funds needed must be raised. The CCC were supportive of the concept.
  • Bins at food kiosk: bins are a bad design, as must use hands to open bin (unhygienic). The Trust agreed to take up matter with the operators.
  • Upcoming events, capital works and tenders being issued.
  • Agreement to hold an additional CCC meeting on 1 May, due to the number of issues of community concern at present.
Meeting 3

Date: 12 June 2012

Major Community Issues discussed

1. Capital Investment Program

Centennial Parklands owns approximately $1 billion worth of assets. 2012-13 sees the end of the current cycle of funding, so Centennial Parklands is about to put the case to the NSW Government, to secure funds for the next four year cycle and beyond.

Existing Asset Base - a comprehensive spread-sheet was presented, detailing which assets need funding to keep operating, recognising Centennial Parklands is an almost entirely self-funded entity looking after all of existing assets. This information will be presented to the NSW Government in late 2012 and the result of the submission will be known by early 2013. Projects over $1 million require separate business case submissions to Government. All of the improvements being considered are taking Light Rail plans into account. The projects below are only indicative and the final program will depend on the response by the State Government.

Improvement Programs – seeking funding for the first 4 year cycle of a 10 year period:

  • Moore Park Precinct “Bold Plan” – facility, traffic, parking and sports field improvements; better integration with the adjacent stadia precincts and the Entertainment Quarter; better integration with public transport options.
  • Moore Park Golf – Improvements to heritage Golf House, driving range, signage (with option to incorporate sponsorship) and actual course.
  • Equestrian Centre – possibility of creating a link between this facility and the Entertainment Quarter, to allow access to parking and retail outlets; CCTV for improved safety; Pavilion C (Clydesdale Pavilion) - possible use of upper level for commercial venture.
  • Centennial Park – gross pollutant traps, water quality improvements, possible recycling of water; vehicle safety on Grand Drive; upgrade of Superintendent’s Cottage; increase storage in CP Dining; upgrade drainage and irrigation on the sports fields; improve drainage and lighting on Belvedere event space.
  • Signage and Branding – possible use of electronic signage, improve existing signs; create wireless hub.
  • Moore Park Toll House – central sandstone structure built 1860, is the only remaining Toll House for Sydney orbital roads. Possible commercial location, but needs restoration. Requesting funds to restore the structure and then set up a business model.
  • ES Marks Athletics Field - range of options being considered including child care, aged care, university use, recreation and sporting use. Is a possible Public/Private Partnership opportunity.

CCC Comment/feedback
The CCC considered the list to be very comprehensive and generally balancing the needs Parkland users with commercial activities. The CCC asked to be kept updated on the response from NSW Government.

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2. Update on the Grand Drive Safety Project

As requested, the Trust updated the CCC on the results of the consultation process on the potential solutions to improve safety on Grand Drive. The Trust has reviewed the accident/incident history around Grand Drive that with 61 reported incidence in a two-year period. The Trust approved improvement works be undertaken to improve the safety of all park users at the February Trust meeting.

As part of the concept proposal developed for the Learner’s Cycleway section of Grand Drive an extended public consultation process took place in March and April. The Trust received 1,267 submissions, largely from cycling users of the park. The original proposal included six infrastructure installations, including; two speed bumps, upgraded signage and line-marking, up to two pedestrian crossings, reverse parking and a reduced speed zone. The consultation submissions highlighted the need for a review of the original proposals and the requirement for more stakeholder engagement to achieve an effective outcome.

Following the completion of the consultation period, an internal PCG was set up to review the original project proposals, assessing these against the alternatives in the submissions received. The outcome of this review was a recommendation for a three-stage approach, designed at improving the safety on Grand Drive by at least 50% on current accident/incident data over the proposed timeframes. This would involve consultant’s input into engineering solutions, a comprehensive education/enforcement and monitoring exercise and extensive stakeholder engagement to achieve the most effective outcome. The implementation of the project has been divided into three measurable stages that determine whether or not the project proceeds to the next stage of implementation. Consultation with the various interested parties is currently underway

CCC Comment/feedback
The CCC restated its position to the Trust management that the Parklands are for use by the whole community and that ensuring the safety of all users must be paramount at all times. The CCC supported the staged approach and asked to be kept informed of feedback and progress on a regular basis.

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3. Other Issues considered

Matters also discussed by the CCC included:

  • Meeting between the CCC Chair, Giles Edmonds, and Clover Moore
  • Update on status of Light Rail discussions
  • Update on removal of six dying trees at the Robertson Road Gates entrance
  • Update of planned Centennial Park 125th Anniversary celebrations
  • Request for volunteers to beta-test the new iPhone app for Centennial Parklands

Meeting: Community Consultative Committee

1 May 2012

Major Community Issues discussed

1. Grand Drive Safety update

The Trust updated the CCC on extension to the period for feedback on the proposed changes and therefore analysis of that feedback was still ongoing. The CCC Chair had written to both the Minister and the Premier, putting forward the CCC’s position that the Parklands are for all the community and that the safety of all users must be top priority of the Trust.

CCC Comment/feedback
The letters had been copied to all CCC Members. No response had been received from either the Minister’s or the Premier’s office.

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2. Small events policy update

This project, to provide social gathering park visitors the opportunity to book sites for exclusive use, had been discussed with the CCC in February and, based on that feedback, an updated proposal was presented to the Trustees on 23 April 2012. The Trustees approved 10 locations as spaces for hire, with a limit on what supporting commercial services may be included. It is proposed that the sites be available for booking from 1 July 2012.

CCC Comment/feedback
The CCC commended the Trust on taking on board the CCC’s feedback and expressed support for the initiative.

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3. Light Rail update

The Trust updated the CCC that discussions continue with Government agencies, and key stakeholders, with no information being released at this time. A variety of options are being considered and commercial viability studies being undertaken. It was flagged that if the light rail station is located within Moore Park Precinct at ground level, some land will be required to accommodate its footprint.

CCC Comment/feedback
The CCC is very supportive of the Light Rail initiative and accepts that a light rail station will be required within Moore Park, which will necessarily reduce some land available for public use. The CCC also noted that it would be very concerned about any solution that did not use the current bus way through Moore Park and resulted in any additional alienation of park lands.

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4. Other Issues considered

Matters also discussed by the CCC included:

  • Centennial Parklands Foundation - changes are to be made to the Foundation's constitution to clarify status as an independent charitable foundation, independent of the Trust. Special meeting on 10 May 2012 to accept changes to deed.
  • Government Funding - Government funding of the Parklands continues to be under review and discussion.
  • 125 Anniversary branding and campaign update - branding and campaign outlined to CCC.
  • Nike She Runs the Night event info sheet - over 3,000 entrants to participate in event on 3 May 2012; CCC agreed it was an excellent event to have in the Parklands.
  • Food kiosk bins - Bins around CP Dining now in place and hygiene issue resolved; CCC noted this as a great improvement.
Meeting 4

Date: 11 September 2012

Major Community Issues discussed

1. Traffic and pedestrian safety in the Park

Two children were hurt by cyclists whilst crossing Grand Drive near the Children’s Cycleway in separate incidents on two recent weekends - both appear to be ok. These accidents reinforce the need for the safety scheme on Grand Drive. To address the specific issue near the Children’s Cycleway, a timed children’s crossing from nine am to four thirty pm in being proposed. This has been discussed with the Cycle Centennial, a broadly representative cyclists group who support the approach. There are currently no plans for the further pedestrian crossings elsewhere. The broader Grand Drive Strategy for both pedestrians and traffic is under ongoing review and consideration. An update on the above safety matters will be provided at CCC November meeting

CCC Comment/feedback
The CCC supports the proposed approach, consistent with its position that the Parklands are for all the community and that the safety of all users must be top priority of the Trust.

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2. Queens Park Pavilion consultation process

The Trust provided an update on the consultation process, including a brief overview of the history of the project. The idea of a kiosk / café arose from the 2003 Queens Park Master Plan and adopted in 2005. The 1960 building was identified for refurbishment and was identified as an eyesore, currently used for sports storage. The proposal was submitted to government as one of the capex items in the annual capex submission. In the June budget of this year Government funds were made available of $267,000. The Trust will also be making a contribution. CP will provide the building and the operator will fit it out.

A request for Expressions of Interest was issued in June and is now closed, having received 54 submissions. The Trust has culled this to a short list of applicants. Experience has shown that it is essential to bring the operator in as soon as feasible. This is in order for them to make a meaningful contribution to the internal construction of the building.

As part of the community communication, the Trust wrote in June to local MP’s, councillors, general managers, council officials and other possible interested officials, and to surrounding council’s, Randwick and Waverly advising them of the project/timing and that CP was going to proceed.

The Trust had received advice that the commercial feasibility of running a facility like this is predicated on having the flexibility of a liquor licence for the operator, particularly as the operator may well have invested $2-300,000 for fixtures and fittings and needs to make a return. The Trust had decided to apply for an on-premises liquor licence to the Office of Gaming, Liquor and Racing (OLGR), the same type of licence held for Centennial Dining. Part of the regulatory requirements for obtaining a licence is to follow a consultation process with local residents and other interested parties, in which submissions on the application are made to OLGR, who then invites the applicant to respond to any issues raised in these submissions, before making a final decision to grant a licence, and, if so, what the restrictions on hours etc should be. The Trust then wrote a second letter in August to local residents (via letterbox drop), local councils and the NSW Police, informing them of the application and inviting them to make submissions through the OLGR process. As from the 12th September the community will have 30 days to review and respond.

There has been some misunderstanding by various members of the community as to the conditions of the liquor licence.

i) The licence applied for is known as “an on-premises liquor licence” which means alcohol can only be served as ancillary to the business and cannot be consumed off the premises ie. QPP will not be a hotel or off licence.

ii) The hours applied for in the application, 7am-midnight, 10am-10pm Sunday, are standing liquor licence trading hours, not the expected operating hours for the cafe. The actual QPP trading hours will be confirmed in due course taking into account the licensing conditions imposed by OLGR, the hours the selected operator wants to open, the concerns of the residents expressed in submissions to OLGR and directly to the Trust, and the outcomes of the planned Review of Environmental Factors (REF) to be undertaken on this project looking at a wide range of impacts, including traffic and parking (including peak-time analysis and associated issues), noise, waste, proximity to residential housing, proximity to other facilities (e.g playground, amenities, cycle paths)

A member of the Trust will be attending the Randwick Precinct meeting on the Wednesday 12 September 2012 to respond to these concerns

Some responses from the community have already been received. Some positive and some negative. The number of people who have protested on the Facebook site is currently 48. The CCC had been cc’d in one email to the Minister protesting the QPP and had received one protest email directly, to both of which the Chair had replied.

The Chair of the CCC had been phoned by one of the men who organised the Facebook protest who told him they had collected a petition with 500 signatures. All were against the liquor licence and half of them against the concept all together. However, the latter appeared somewhat contradictory to the Facebook site, which set out more to raise concerns about late-night noise and traffic/parking conditions.

RK updated the meeting that she had been due to attend the June meeting of the Randwick Precinct, but had been postponed due to other business. This was unfortunate, as she had intended to mention the QPP at that meeting.

CCC Comment/feedback
The CCC supports the QPP project and is keen to ensure that the consultation process takes into account concerns raised by stakeholders in as transparent way as possible. It was agreed that the Chairman, GE, and RK would be attending the Randwick Precinct meeting on the 12 September to understand community concerns first hand and the CCC response.

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3. Children’s Playground consultation process

An overview was provided by the Trust, with the following key points:

  • In order to ensure the playground met the needs of the community and specifically those of young children, consultation took place with this age group as well as a broader range of stakeholders:
  • A number of schools were visited and experts met with children, (36 in total) and listened to a range of their ideas. Some of these were achievable whilst others were not. These ideas would become the building blocks for the next stage of consultation.
  • As part of the consultation process, stakeholders comprising schools, children’s hospital, and various other children’s groups were interviewed. In addition, Community groups were also consulted.
  • The concept was well accepted by the majority with ninety four percent out of a hundred and one respondents stating “they loved the idea”.
  • 7% were somewhat negative believing that whilst the idea was basically a good one it was not for them personally
  • A view was held that as the Park was established for recreational purposes, no large infrastructure should be built within the Park.
  • It was noted that the playground should be environmentally sensitive and the information obtained has helped shape the rough draft of the design.
  • The next step will be to provide the Trust with the information of the community discussions and survey feedback. The concept will probably be approved subject to funding.
  • The cost is estimated as over a $1 m for a high quality playground. This is not part of the CP plans and will need to be funded by the Foundation and/or Corporate sponsors

CCC Comment/feedback
The CCC supported the project and broad ranging consultation process and asked to be kept updated on progress

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3. Other Issues considered

Matters also discussed by the CCC included:

  • 125 Anniversary branding and campaign update
  • Neighbours eNewsletter: The Park Management have introduced a Neighbour’s eNewsletter with the purpose of increasing awareness of matters which neighbours should find relevant and could be affected by. The eNewsletter will contain planning and operational matters, road and gate closures and events. The Trust confirmed that the newsletter was available in hard copy at the Visitors Information Centre and the Park office and is also available on the Parklands website
  • CCC Brochures: These are now available at the Visitor Centre and the main CP offices
  • CCC representation on CP Master Plan Steering Committee: Centennial Park itself does not have a current Master Plan, and the Trust is now addressing this. A Steering Committee will be established as well as a project team. The CCC has been invited have a representative on the Steering Committee, to provide broad community input
  • Rescheduling the Minister’s attendance at CCC meeting: The Minister was unable to attend this evening's meeting and will not attend the meeting on the 13the November. Her visit is likely to be next year.
Meeting 5

Date: 13 November 2012

Major Community Issues discussed

1. Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre capital works

The Trust presented a summary of the capital works program required to repair and replace the roof at the Equestrian Centre. The presentation included details of the repairs required, impacts on the Equestrian Centre usage and implementation timetable.

In mid-2011 corrosion was discovered and subsequent to this, the Parklands applied for and received grant funding to complete the repairs. It is considered a priority to maintain safety standards for users in the centre. A detailed plan to implement these repairs has now been prepared and the relevant contractors shortlisted and engaged to undertake the work, which will now include constructing an additional roof for the currently open smaller arena.

Key issues and a management plan for each were identified in the presentation. In summary, these are:

  • Traffic management
  • Stables usage
  • Float and private parking

It should be noted that, the major the user groups who are impacted by the repairs have been briefed on the impending repairs and the potential disruption to them. They have raised no major issues and recognise the need to carry out the repairs to maintain safety standards within the Equestrian complex.

The repair program will commence in December and the estimated completion date is mid-February 2013. The December–January period is usually considered a quiet time for the centre with usage increasing from February. Given this, the Trust indicated that the team are looking at ways to bring forward the completion date where possible.

In terms of communication, a comprehensive range of initiatives are being planned to ensure park users are adequately informed of the works. Communications will include emails, user and precinct meetings, social media, signage onsite and website updates.

CCC Comment/feedback
The CCC supports the upgrade and the communications program.

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2. 125th Anniversary events update

The CP Venue co-ordinator presented an update on the Launch on the 8th of November and some activities planned for the upcoming Anniversary plans for the Park commencing in January 2013.

The flagship event “The Light Garden” is a 10 night event running from the 18-27th January from 7-10pm nightly. The official anniversary date is Australia Day, 26th January 2013.

Food and catering services will also be provided onsite for visitors. The complete program of events throughout the year is progressing well and yet to be finalised so ideas from the Committee were invited. The CCC suggested an orienteering type activity and the team took this idea on board for further consideration.

CCC Comment/feedback
The CCC supports the 125th anniversary celebrations and will promote these as part of its focus of increasing engagement with the community.

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3. Queens Park Pavilion refurbishment & Cafe (update by the CP CEO)

The Trust has now shortlisted to a panel of 8 applicants and is currently negotiating with a preferred supplier to complete the refurbishment and establishment of a Café within the existing building. The design for the building is now underway and the new facilities will be able to accommodate circa 30-40 people.

A consultant has also been appointed to collect information on the overall impact of the new facilities including operating environmental factors that need to be considered as part of the construction. There will be a further opportunity for the public to comment on the final proposal once all the reports are available.

The Trust has applied for an on-premises liquor licence to the Office of Gaming, Liquor and Racing (OLGR), the same type of licence held for Centennial Dining. Part of the regulatory requirements for obtaining a licence is to follow a consultation process with local residents and other interested parties. The Trust will be re-engaging with the Community and in particular local precinct Committees to provide an update on the impact assessment and plans as these are finalised.

CCC members provided updates on the precinct Committee meetings attended since the licence application was announced and noted a mix of both negative and positive responses. It appears that the further clarification of the nature and intended usage of the facilities by the Committee members and CE provided some additional comfort to attendees at these meetings and this served to somewhat overcome the initial misunderstandings of some community members as to potential usage impacts on the area.

CCC Comment/feedback
The CCC was pleased to see that the consultation process had been clarified, with the public having a second opportunity to comment on the final proposal, once all the data was available.

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4. Pedestrian Crossing update

The Trust presented an update on the newly installed crossing facilities. This included social media responses from the Community which were mostly positive. The Trust noted that Rangers have also been posted in the Park at the weekends specifically to educate the Community during the initial post installation phase to ensure proper understanding and to field user questions. The CP CEO noted that there has also been good and ongoing engagement with local cycling groups with positive feedback being received on the Crossing.

CCC Comment/feedback
The CCC asked to be regularly updated on this issue, being a matter of general community concern.

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5. Centennial Parklands Land use Plan/CP Master Plan - Update by CP CEO

By way of background, the CEO provided the context for the development of a Master land use plan by early 2013. Currently, there are disparate “sub-plans” for Moore Park, Queens Park, EQ etc. A change in approach is required to provide a consistent single over-arching view of the parklands from a land use planning perspective. The new CP Master Plan will be innovative (eg 3D flyover technology), interactive and digitally focussed to better support the proposition of CP being a Top 10 Global Parkland and to optimise engagement with Community and Corporate Partners over the short, medium and long term. An update on the plan will be presented to the Committee when finalised in the first quarter of 2013.

CCC Comment/feedback
The CCC asked to be regularly updated on this issue, being a matter of general community interest. The CCC will have a representative on the Steering Committee and this is also another opportunity to engage with the community.

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6. Other Issues considered

Matters also discussed by the CCC included:

  • CP Image & Brand - the intention is for the image and brand refresh to complement the Parklands Strategy, existing logo/image and to better reflect the role as the People’s park and connecting the Parklands with the Community.
  • 2012 Annual Community Report – 3 minute online video reported to be very well received by those to whom CCC members had forwarded the link
  • Upcoming events – including JP Morgan Challenge, Trapeze School, Pro Care Charity Cricket, Siri Chimnoy Fun Run, Polo in the Park and a Michelle Bridges fitness event in Queens Park. In addition, in the new Monopoly Sydney edition, CP has two places on the Board plus 2 Community card references.
  • Increasing engagement with the community – a number of actions were agreed for CCC members to take to increase engagement with the community
  • CCC recruiting – 9 applications had been received for the one place vacant in 2013. Interviewing will take place in the next week.
  • Trustee/CCC joint tour of CP - the CCC suggested that the two groups tour the parklands together. This initiative has been conducted in the past and ensures the CCC members and Parklands Trustees build and maintain their relationship and common understanding of Parklands keynote areas including initiatives impacting various areas within the Parklands. The CEO noted the idea and will propose it to the Trust for 2013 with the CCC Chair.
  • Correspondence to the CCC – the CCC had been contacted regarding the Labyrinth, poor behaviour by cyclists and signage at the Govett Gates and had passed the relevant information on to the CP for action.
  • Rescheduling the Minister’s attendance at CCC meeting – awaiting confirmation of the Minister’s availability in 2013.
  • The CCC farewelled Bruce Morrow CCC member as it was his last meeting and thanked him for his contribution to the Committee over the past 4 years.