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Community Consultative Committee

The Centennial Parklands' Community Consultative Committee (CCC) is an advisory body whose role is to represent a broad range of community interests to the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust.

It is instrumental in providing a forum for communication, input and relationship building between the Trust and the Parklands' many constituencies.

The role of the CCC is outlined in the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust Act 1983 with its terms of reference and functions outlined in detail in the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust Regulation 2014.

The CCC is made up of people who are regular users of the Parklands and who wish to be actively involved in its preservation, effective utilisation and ongoing improvement. Members come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Members are all volunteers and receive no payment.

Members of the community and park visitors are encouraged to contact the CCC about any issues they would like to raise about the Parklands and its policies.

Vacancies typically arise each year, with a recruitment notification posted on this website and promoted through other communications channels.

Further information

For more information on the CCC, see below. Alternately, you can contact the CCC here.