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Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre Main Arena project (Feb - April 2020)

The Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre will undergo works to upgrade the Main Arena surface and irrigation system commencing Monday 24 February through until 13 April, weather permitting.

Upgrades to the overall infrastructure of the Equestrian Centre such as paint treatments and lighting improvements will take place in the first week of works. 

Contractors will then remove the current arena surface and irrigation system which will be replaced by the Otto Sport Ebb and Flow riding surface and irrigation. The surface will be a mix of sand and non-woven geotextile and the below surface irrigation is fully automated and is designed to provide a consistent moisture content.
The automatic watering system will irrigate the arena surface from below, the method is called Ebb and Flow and is designed to provide the riding surface with constant uniform moisture levels. Using sensors the water level is continuously measured and regulated by a pipeline system and is designed to deliver a consistent moisture level throughout the arena surface. 

In order to facilitate the project, there will be a number of necessary operational changes within the Equestrian Centre including:

Arena usage

  • The Main Arena will be closed for the duration of works.

  • The Support Arena will be open from 5.00 am to 7.00 am and 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm Monday through Friday and 5:00 am and 9:00 pm Saturday and Sunday.

  • There will be no loose horse exercise or lunging in A Arena.


  • The top car park will be a fenced work site and  Clydesdale Road will be a clearway from the Entertainment Quarter pedestrian gate to the authorised float bays.

  • There will be no changes to Licensee parking or authorised float parking within the reserved bays.

  • Private stable hirers will be able to use their Equestrian Centre restricted parking permit within the three hour zone in Centennial Park during Park opening hours for longer than the three hour limit.

  • There will be no public parking on site. Alternative parking is in the Entertainment Quarter car park, on local streets and in Centennial Park subject to street signage.

  • Riding School clients should be directed to park at the Entertainment Quarter, in the Park or on the surrounding streets subject to signage.


  • The access road between D Pavilion and Main Arena will be closed ​ CPEC Management will liaise directly with horse owners stabled in close proximity to the work site about alternate stabling within CPEC.

  • There will be increased truck movements, particularly in the second and third weeks of the project when the old material is removed from site.

Changes to CPEC parking during project works.

CPEC parking permit holders may park in 3 hour parking zones in Centennial Park.

Please email the CPEC office for further information.