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Meeting 1

Date: 13 February 2013

Major Community Issues discussed

1. 125th Anniversary - Report on the Light Garden

The Trust presented a report on the recent The Light Garden event that celebrated Centennial Park's 125th Anniversary.

This was a definite good news story, with the event well attended and overwhelmingly positive feedback from visitors.

Key measurements targeted were:

  1. to generate awareness;
  2. to achieve 10,000 visitations; and
  3. to grow the visitor base.

It is estimated that at least 29,000 visitors attended the 10 day event (estimates based on the park being 'parked out' at capacity every event night). Centennial Parklands website achieved its highest ever monthly visitation at 77,000 hits.

At least one million social media references were achieved through a wide variety of social mediums (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, unpaid feature coverage on third party websites) - at no cost to the Parklands, and this only counts those references that were directly measureable to social media strategies implemented by CP.

The 'Wish Tree' - a tree where visitors wrote 'wishes' on hanging tags then tied them to a designated tree - had approximately 7,900 'wishes' which volunteers will now catalogue and archive. Those 'wishes' suggesting improvements to the Parklands will be captured for inclusion in the upcoming CP Master Plan consultation.

CCC members confirmed their attendance at the event (some more than once), and it was noted that patronage at the event was diverse, consisting of the young, the old, and everyone in between.

CCC Comment/feedback

The CCC congratulated the Trust on the event and a great start to the 125th Anniversary program.

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2. Centennial Parklands Volunteer Program

Peter Hadfield, Centennial Parklands Foundation Executive Officer, presented on recent volunteers activities in the Parklands and their estimated value to the ongoing running of the Parklands.

In the last six months, CP has held an event recognising the contributions of volunteers to the Parklands. While there are benefits for the volunteers - being involved, making a difference, the social interaction gained from being a volunteer - there are also direct cost savings to the Parklands too.

Direct cost savings for six months to December 2012 are estimated at $100k. The Corporate Volunteer program alone generated $14.5k; it was noted that 38 corporates have participated in the corporate volunteer program at the Parklands, which involves paying for their staff to participate as volunteers at the Parklands.

At the conclusion of the presentation, Peter Hadfield announced that he was resigning from the Foundation to take up a leadership position with another charity.

CCC Comment/feedback

The CCC supports the work of the Volunteers and sees it being an integral part of CP. The CCC thanked Peter Hadfield for his time with the Foundation and wished him well in his new role.

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3. Queens Park Pavilion refurbishment & Cafe

The Trust provided an update on the Queens Park Pavilion refurbishment.

Key points included:

  • The Trust has agreed on a licensee; this has not yet been announced.
  • Regarding the stage of project: there is ongoing correspondence with the Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing (OLGR) regarding licencing; the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) is still being finalised and reviewed; liaising with Police local area command.
  • Once the REF is complete and OLGR has signed off, the updated information will be put back online for two weeks to comment.

CCC Comment/feedback

CCC members suggested that:

  1. It was important that all local residents are made aware of the 2 week public exhibition process when the timing is finalised, and that this communication needs to be via multiple channels to maximise its effectiveness
  2. Other means be offered to capture comments, in addition to online, as some people do not have access to the internet. Alternatives methods are to be considered by CP. However as a matter for the record, CCC members were advised that all NSW Government agencies have been instructed to do all consultation processes online.

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4. Light Rail Update

The CEO provided a background of the Trust's involvement in the Light Rail project:

  • The Trust was one of the participants in the Round Table discussions on the overall route options during 2012 and kept the Trust and CCC updated during that period
  • The preferred route was announced in December 2012, although no specific details were provided
  • Yesterday, 11 February 2013, Transport NSW held a briefing session with the Round Table participants, including the CEO, where it was confirmed that while the route has been approved, none of the detailed engineering work has been done.

CCC members asked for specific clarification on route over South Dowling through Moore Park West. The CEO noted various options that are under discussion, none of which have had any detailed work done.

CCC Comment/feedback

The CCC agreed to maintain a watching brief on this and receive regular updates at future CCC meetings. The CCC’s position has not changed since last year, that the CCC supports Light Rail and an underground section under Moore Park is the preferred solution and that additional alienation of park land must be minimised.

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Other Issues considered

Matters also discussed by the CCC included:

  • Appointment of a new Chair, Tony Ryan, and new Trustees , Adam Boyton and Shayne Mallard
  • Centennial Parkland Land Use Plan Update
  • Capital works project updates, including status of ES Marks track replacement and replacement of the Equestrian Centre roof
  • Community meetings attended by the CCC, including the Centennial Park Residents Association and the PUSH (People Unite for Surry Hills) meeting regarding the Light Rail
  • Ongoing actions to increase engagement with local resident groups
  • CCC members to participate in the CP Clean Up Australia Day event , 9-11.00am March 3, meeting at the Visitor Centre, and to encourage others to participate
  • Correspondence to the CCC

Next meeting Tuesday 9 April 2013, 5.30pm at the Parklands Office.

Meeting 2

Date: 9 April 2013

Major Community Issues discussed

1. Camping in Centennial Park concept

Centennial Parklands Director Visitor Experience presented a proposal to develop camping within Centennial Park. Key points were:

  • Aim is to activate the Park at a time when it is least being used ie. night time
  • The proposal would be a complete ‘package’ eg. twilight prowl, food, camping and horse riding/cycling
  • Focus will be on domestic tourism
  • Camping would probably trial for 12 months as a temporary arrangement and depending on the trial would move to a more permanent offering
  • Location would be along Snape Bank, although the walking trail along this embankment would be need to be retained
  • Access to amenities is a key factor in the site development.

The next step is to conduct a feasibility study to determine potential capital costs, running costs and income, plus a demand analysis for potential customers.

CCC Comment/feedback

The CCC is supportive of exploring different options to activate the Park when it is least used and looks forward to the results of the feasibility study. The CCC also considered a visit to the Education Centre would be an important addition to the stay.

>> Have your say: email the CCC with your comments on this issue


2. Draft Environmental Management Plan

Centennial Parklands Environment Officer presented on a plan to implement an Environmental Management System for the Parklands. This will more formally set the Environmental Policy and associated objectives and targets for environmental management and performance. System will follow ISO14001, an international standard for environmental management.

Tamara outlined the draft Environmental Policy and requested feedback from the CCC.

CCC Comment/feedback

The CCC supports the introduction of a formal Environmental Management System and noted that key environmental concerns are: rubbish, water quality, biodiversity and compliance with relevant laws/legal requirements.

>> Have your say: email the CCC with your comments on this issue


3. Sports facilities update

Various sports facilities have been upgraded in the last 6 months. They include:

  • ES Marks Field - this reopened on 2 April. Next step will be to gain international certification and celebrate the official launch in May. The work included a new track surface plus other remediation and was funded by a grant from the NSW Government
  • Equestrian Centre - this included rebuilding the roof and installing irrigation in the covered arena and building a new roof on the support arena. Again, the NSW Government provided a grant for this work. The next phase of work will be to resurface all asphalt surfaces before the official opening in May
  • Moore Park Golf - significant improvements have been made to the course, driving range, course equipment and to the golf house (including a refurbished café area which is open to the public). The Foundation has funded a disabled golf cart. The next phase of work will include upgrades to the locker room and disabled access.

CCC Comment/feedback

The CCC congratulated the Trust on successfully obtaining capital grants to complete these upgrades.

>> Have your say: email the CCC with your comments on this issue


4. Events in the Parklands

Centennial Parklands Manager Venue Services presented on event plans for the Parklands. She explained the need for a mix of different types of events over different/recurring timeframes, some established events and some one-offs. Examples included:

  • Long term events – Polo in the City, Parklife, Moonlight Cinema
  • Core events – Sydney Running Festival, Mardi Gras, Head On photo exhibition, JP Morgan race, Taste
  • Developing events – Adventure Race, Music Festival in Moore Park and Centennial Park
  • New events – Tropfest, Australian Garden Show (similar to Taste), Nike She runs the night 10km race, Light Garden, The Colour Run.

All events are part of a five-year program which is continually assessed for revenue, environment, community and safety impacts.

CCC Comment/feedback

The CCC agreed that a mix of events is important to ensure medium to long-term revenue to the Parklands and also to ensure that a range of different community groups can access the different types of events.

>> Have your say: email the CCC with your comments on this issue

5. Other Issues considered

Matters also discussed by the CCC included:

  1. Light Rail Update – the key issues from the Trust continue to minimisation of the impact and permanent alienation of Trust land
  2. Queens Park Pavilion Café update – following a Review of Environmental Factors and assessment of community feedback, the approval to develop this site has been given
  3. Share the Park campaign will run from 19 April to 5 May to encourage all users of the Parklands, especially pedestrians, cyclists, dog walkers, horse riders and motor cars, to be aware that we all share this valuable resource
  4. Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub ecological burn – the area in the Bird Sanctuary (behind the Parklands restaurant) has been waiting approval to be burnt back to encourage scrub regrowth. This has been granted and the burn is planned for a week day in May
  5. CCC members met with The Paddington Society and Randwick Council’s Spot Precinct Committee. Members also corresponded with the South Paddington Community Group and professional dog walkers.

Next meeting Tuesday 11 June 2013

Meeting 3

Date: 11 June 2013

Major Community Issues discussed

1. Light Rail Project

Andrew Thompson, Deputy Director Transport NSW; David Dalton, Principle Manager; Ross Hornsey, Senior Manager, Community Engagement, presented on the latest status of the Light Rail Project:

  • Context for proposal: CBD bus and traffic congestion is a significant issue for the local community and the Light Rail proposal is designed to provide a solution to reduce this congestion over time as well as providing a new transport solution for SE Sydney
  • It is part of a wider plan for CBD traffic congestion solutions
  • from a planning perspective, a document will be released for public consultation in November 2013 with approval being sort in early 2014 with an aim for construction to commence in early 2015 (subject to earlier approvals) and last 3-4 years.
  • currently the LR plan for Moore Park is for it to extend from Alfred Street along George Street to Central and then Chalmers Street, across South Dowling and then onto Moore Park West. From here to Alison Road, where it divides: one branch to travel to Randwick and the second along Anzac Parade, terminating at Kingsford 9 ways.
  • the current proposal to cross Moore Park West is a ‘cut and cover’ tunnel
  • during peak periods will be able to transport circa 10,000 people per hour
  • Transport NSW are consulting with many parties including but not limited to AJC, CPMPT, Sydney City Council, RCC, Centennial Parklands and UNSW
  • the vehicles will be of a modern design and have minimal/if any overhead wires and travel between 20-70km p/hr
  • target travel time between Kingsford (9 ways) and Central is 15mins and 40 mins for the entire journey to Circular Quay

CCC Comment/feedback

The CCC continues to support Light Rail but made it clear to the TNSW representatives that minimising the impact on Moore Park was of critical concern to the CCC. To that end the ‘cut and cover’ tunnel approach seemed to be the least harmful. Other approaches to reduce the environmental and visual impact of the route on the park would also be essential.

In addition, as the Light Rail construction may temporarily reduce the number of sports fields available, sports team organisers of potentially impacted sports fields will need to be informed well in advance as they can require 1-2 year lead time for re-booking fields .

>> Have your say: email the CCC with your comments on this issue

2. Centennial Parklands Master Plan Project (Peter Titmus, BVN)

  • BVN have been engaged to commence a program to co-ordinate the construction of the CP Master Plan over a 21 week period.
  • Phase 1 – Consultation period between June to August 2013, Phase 2 – Options analysis and incorporation of stakeholder and community consultation feedback
  • Phase 3 – Delivery of the plan late 2013 for exhibition with finalisation targeted for early 2014.

CCC Comment/feedback

The CCC asked to be included in community communications for the Master plans and a meeting will be arranged for July.

>> Have your say: email the CCC with your comments on this issue

3. Centennial Parklands Strategic Land Use Vision

CP presented a new Strategic Use video that will be posted on social and other online media to assist the community understand the scope and concepts being considered as part of the Strategic Land Use Vision..

CCC Comment/feedback

The CCC supports the Strategic Use video as a great way to engage the community as part of the consultation process, and agreed to highlight it to all contact groups and individuals

>> Have your say: email the CCC with your comments on this issue

4. Other Issues considered

Matters also discussed by the CCC included:

  • Parking meters will be installed in the small car park next to the netball courts on Anzac Parade and Lang Road. The reasons given for installing the meters were that the parking was being abused at certain times with over stayers, and that this would align with parking meters in Driver Avenue and the restrictions on parking in Moore Park Golf
  • Queens Park Pavilion update – Construction confirmation communications to be distributed to local residents and CP to circulate details of the Community Meeting regarding the liquor licence on July 3
  • The Robertson Road Field Kiosk is being refurbished
  • The Rangers Cottages accommodation proposals are being invited via EOI
  • Community consultation
    • GE attended a community meeting with the Queen Street and West Woollahra Association
    • LP met with Waverley Councillors and agreed to facilitate engagement on matters raised in the meeting with CP.
    • SAH and CE have scheduled a meetingme t with the dog walking groupwalkers
  • MH had received a letter suggesting additional opportunities for the Trust to increase revenues through increasing tee times available to the Golf Club for certain events. This email has been forwarded to the Trust for their consideration.

Next meeting: Tuesday 13 August 2013

Meeting 4

Date: 13 August 2013

Major Community Issues discussed

1. Events Season

Spring is the start of the “Festival Season” or “Season of Events”. This includes:

  • “The Color Run”, operationally some of the gates to CP will be closed. It involves the Parade Grounds and Grand Drive. The event is sold out.
  • Australia’s Greatest Athlete (TV Show) has been cancelled.
  • The Australia Garden Show starts on the 5th of Sept until the 8th of Sep and involves many retail type exhibitors.
  • Sydney Running Festival (22 September).
  • Listen Out (replacing Parklife) 28 September at Brazilian Fields.
  • Walk for Life.
  • The JP corporate Challenge, 13 November.
  • Polo in the City on the Mission Field on 16 November.
  • Tropfest is on 8 December, a new event for CP.
  • Moonlight Cinema commences on 12 December and runs until March.
  • The Taste of Sydney begins on 13 March until 16 March 2014.

CCC Comment/feedback

The CCC supports the event program and was pleased to see that the strategy to develop a broader program of more diverse events was being successfully delivered.

>> Have your say: email the CCC with your comments on this issue

2. CP Strategic Land Use Vision

The Trust is updating the current version of the online video and asked the CCC to reviewed again and provide suggestions for improvement. Specific opportunities identified by the CCC included including an introductory message, changing the language to “could” instead of “will”, providing greater information on certain of the concepts, and reminding viewers what won’t be changing.

CCC Comment/feedback

The CCC supports the CP Strategic Land Use Vision and was pleased that the Trust was updating it to take into account feedback from various channels.

>> Have your say: email the CCC with your comments on this issue

3. Light Rail update

An update was provided on the outcomes of a recent workshop conducted by Transport for NSW with all Moore Park stakeholders, which was based on a map that they had developed to facilitate the discussion. The CCC was updated on a number of matters which arose from the workshop, including:

  • Need to maintain parking availability during the construction phase, for which there was strong support from all parties for the concept of an underground car park in Moore Park West
  • Potential relocation of the training fields for the Sydney Swans and Sydney Roosters to provide a better precinct for entry and exit to Moore Park Station
  • Location of the bus terminus
  • Location of the light rail lines
  • The use of some areas as construction sites

CCC Comment/feedback

The CCC continues to support Light Rail and was pleased to hear that the underground option across Moore Park West was the preferred design. The CCC asked to be kept informed as further information becomes available

>> Have your say: email the CCC with your comments on this issue

4. Matters for information

Matters also discussed by the CCC included:

  1. Queens Park Pavilion - Progressing as scheduled for 1 November 2013 completion, with changes to the BBQ area to relocate to the other side of the playground. The liquor licence is still outstanding and awaiting a decision from the licencing authority, OLGA. The use of printed screening is reducing the visual impact during construction.
  2. Belvedere Amphitheatre - Modification work already underway and should be completed by the end of November. Printed construction screening also in use and there have been significant improvements already in the Turpentine Grove area.
  3. Moore Park Golf refurbishment - Work to upgrade facilities at the MPG has commenced. Major work to improve access via a ramp has opened up the entrance area, improved locker and administration areas.
  4. Cottage accommodation project - The CCC was updated on the Cottage Accommodation project the expressions of interest being sought to test feasibility
  5. Robertson Road Fields Kiosk project - The Robertson Road Kiosk up and running and seems to be very successful.
  6. Luxury camping - The CCC was updated on the Luxury camping feasibility investigation
  7. Image and Branding program - The Trust is undertaking a revamping of the Centennial Park logo for image and branding update, this should make the use of digital technology more adaptable and bring the image and logo into the digital age. This is being done inhouse.
    1. The CCC Chair had a meeting with Dr Runcie re his concerns and visions for CP
    2. As a result of CCC contact, Woollahra Village Voice had included an article on CP and the Master Plan.
    3. The CCC had been copied in on a letter by a Queens Park resident to the Minister regarding his concerns on the process for assessing the liquor licence for the Queens park pavilion.
    4. Centennial Park Master Plan - LM raised the issue of the very short time for responses to the Master Plan, only having two weeks when normally it would be 6 – 8 weeks. The Trust explained that the consultants regarded the number of responses in Phase 1 to higher than normal but that there would be more opportunities for feedback once Phase 2, synthesising all the ideas into a series of options, was completed.
  8. Community consultation

Next Meeting: Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Meeting 5

Date: 13 October 2013

Major Community Issues discussed

1. Centennial Park Master Plan

The Trust provided an update to the CCC, with the following key points:

  • Now half way through the exhibition period. In park consultation closed last Sunday. Can still see information and comment on web site until 29 October. After that the consultants will analyse the responses, make changes and the final plan will go to the Trust in November
  • The In park consultation has been a good process, although busier on weekends
  • 150 submissions on paper in the box in the tent and currently 177 submissions online
  • Seems to be two major interested parties a) cyclists who want no change and b) dog walkers concerned about the proposal for the outer track
  • Other concerns related to the frequency and potential size of ‘big events’ with a significant number of people requesting there could be more family friendly events
  • Have been pleasantly surprised at lack of opposition on a) parallel parking around Grand Drive and b) Additional food/drink hubs

The committee had an involved discussion about the proposals for the outer track, which has been a key focus area for CCC members. Main concerns are safety of mixing dogs, walkers, runners and bikes. The Trust confirmed that this was a miscommunication with the consultants, who had not realised that off-road cycling or mountain biking is not allowed in the park, and that there is no intention to create an on leash zone in what is currently off leash area. The CCC agreed to prepare its own submission for the Master Plan.

The Trust agreed that there would be a focus on mountain bikers illegally cycling off road this month in terms of signage and ranger presence to assess and monitor the use of the outer track in particular. He noted that it was difficult to police/stop people on bikes and perhaps the solution was to ‘design out’ the attraction of off road cycling.

The CCC also acknowledged the presentation given by AD and Kim Ellis for the volunteers, at MS’s request. The volunteers had provided lots of valuable feedback, in particular the lack of focus on ponds, water quality and pond ecology.

CCC Comment/feedback

The CCC supports the Centennial Park Master Plan consultation process and will provide its own consolidated submission. The CCC is also pleased that the Trust has clarified its position on the proposed out track that is will not be off leash for dogs and that there will be no changes to the current regulations banning cycling off road.

>> Have your say: email the CCC with your comments on this issue

2. Light Rail Update

The Chair attended the update from TFNSW on the Light Rail on October 9 and provided the following summary to the CCC:

  • The cut and cover option to cross Moore Park West is now the preferred option
  • The Moore Park station is proposed to move further south close to Lang Road, which would be closer to the Entertainment Quarter, Centennial Park and Moore Park Golf Club. However, this will require a staging point for trains waiting to take people back to the city after large events at peak times along Lang Road. Creating this staging point will impact on the Parklands and the Chair has suggested it could possibly be moved south of the Anzac Parade/Lang Road intersection, parallel with the proposed tracks, to create less visibility and disruption. This was supported by the CCC.
  • The Trust advised that the Moore Park station move also minimised the impact on the Trust’s sports fields and parking during the construction phase and is a good win for the Parklands
  • There is a potential need for pedestrian bridge on Anzac Parade for sporting crowds and school students. TFNSW has obtained funding for a feasibility study but funding for construction is not in the light rail budget and is estimated to cost up to $20m
  • The EIS is expected in November and there will be a 4 week public notification period. At this stage the EIS drawing show the old proposals, not the latest presented on October 9 ie, with the Moore Park station further south, which could be confusing for the community
  • The Chair and the CEO had also met with the PUSH group to hear their alternative proposal for the Light Rail route. PUSH had met with the Minister and other people from her office, who had asked TFNSW to review the idea..

CCC Comment/feedback

The CCC supports the Light Rail, but will request the Trust to ask TFNSW to consider alternative orientation and placing of the staging section to minimise its impact and alienation of parklands.

>> Have your say: email the CCC with your comments on this issue

3. Events update

(i) Upcoming events include:
- 20 Oct - Miracle Babies walking event with approx. 400 people
- 3 Nov - Charlie Teo Walk 4 Life walking event (unsure of numbers)
- 13 Nov - Annual JP Morgan Corporate Challenge with approx. 8,000 people
- 16 Nov - Polo in the City at Mission Fields
- 8 Dec - Tropfest at Brazilian Fields
- 12 Dec - Moonlight Cinema (til late March).

(ii) Events completed include:
- 25 August Colour Run with 15,000 people
- 5-8 Sept Australian Garden Show
- 22 Sept Sydney Running Festival (great TV commentary on the park)
- 28 Sept Listen Out music festival
- 10 Oct Love Food Hate Waste education talk.

The Trust talked to the noise report for the Listen Out event. For each music event the Trust commissions an independent noise consultant to monitor sound levels at the park boundaries. Last year a similar event resulted in 9 complaints. This year there were 20 complaints localised in the Bondi Junction area.

Key issue were the prevailing wind conditions, with wind speeds rarely falling below 40kph and frequently gusting over 60 kph, which caused sound to travel east. Where the noise exceeded EPA guidelines the operators were advised and the levels adjusted accordingly. All sound ended by 10pm.

Complaints from residents unsure of who to ring are disappointing given:

  • Residents are letterbox dropped prior to the event
  • There is a 6 monthly newsletter to neighbours re upcoming events
  • Local police know who to call
  • Local council hotlines know who to call.

The Chair and Trust management are meeting with a key complainant this week.

The CCC suggested that the Trust should publicise how it monitors events to try to minimise excess sound levels for the neighbouring community.

CCC Comment/feedback

The The CCC continues to support the current mixed events program, with only one music event now, compared with six in 2009, and the ongoing noise monitoring program.

>> Have your say: email the CCC with your comments on this issue

4. Other issues considered

Matters also discussed by the CCC included:

  1. ‘The Shed’ at Queens Park Pavilion - The Shed was officially opened by the Minister on 13 October. CCC members attended and other CCC members had popped in previously. The liquor licence is still under discussion with OLGR. The CCC proposed that a 125 year commemoration plaque should be installed on the building.
  2. Belvedere Amphitheatre - Belvedere Amphitheatre work is on track for end Oct/early November. After that there will be one month of grass seeding with a scheduled opening by 12 December which is when Moonlight Cinema starts.
  3. Moore Park Golf refurbishments - Moore Park Golf refurbishment downstairs is complete with new access ramps, refurbished showers and locker rooms. Next stage is to refurbish the upstairs function rooms.
  4. Cottage accommodation project - The RFT for both cottages has closed and a preferred tenderer selected. A decision paper is currently with the Trustees for consideration with an anticipated start date of Jan 2014.
  5. Luxury camping - This option will not proceed at present, although Trust may revisit this in the future
  6. Project to investigate back office synergies between CP and RBG – The CCC was briefed that the CEO is leading a 30 day review to investigate the possible consolidation of some of the back office functions of the Centennial and Moore Park Trust with the Royal Botanic Gardens Trust. This is an Office of Environment and Heritage project and all communications about it will come from state government. The state government is looking at opportunities for synergies and savings across all government departments
    The assessment is due to be completed by the end of the year. Both Trusts and their Trustees have been engaged and both sets of staff briefed. The Trustees support the review but have requested that, whatever the outcome and changes that are made, there will continue to be a Centennial Parklands Community Consultative Committee
  7. Govett Street Gates feedback – The Trust advised that a local resident has been in touch again regarding cars turning right out of Govett Street gates, post installation of the signage in the park. The Trust has advised the resident that he should now take his issue to Randwick Council/RTA, as the infringement is occurring outside the Park and his proposed solution would need to be implemented by Randwick Council/RTA.
  8. Turtle trapping in the ponds – a CCC member had been contacted by a walker who found a trap with turtles in it in the Kensington Pond on Sunday and called the ranger. The Trust updated the CCC that it is aware of the issue and advised that the rangers will police the ponds for the next few weeks to see is the trapping is repeated.
  9. Community consultation .
    1. CCC members had contacted various community groups to encourage them to provide their feedback on the CP Master Plan, including Queens St and West Woollahra Association, the Paddington Society, the Centennial Park Residents Association, the South Paddington Resident Association and Spot, Randwick and West Kensington precinct committees
    2. Other members have been involved in manning the consultation tent and in park activities to encourage feedback on the Master Plan
    3. The Chair had called a resident concerned about the issue of dog walkers and cyclists on the proposed outer track, explained the current thinking and encouraged him to make a submission.
    4. The Chair had also provided information to a resident who had contacted the CCC concerned about noise from the Listen Out concert and was also, together with Trust management, meeting another resident with similar concerns later in the week.
  10. Election of a new CCC Chair – CCC members were reminded that, with the term of the current Chair ending at the end of this year, a new Chair will be elected at the November meeting. The CCC was briefed on the election process.Next Meeting: Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Next Meeting: Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Meeting 6

Date: 12 November 2013

Major Community Issues discussed

1. Centennial Park Master Plan

The Trust provided an update to the CCC, with the following key points:

  • In total over 300 submissions online and in the tent. 35 written submissions from individuals and also 8 submissions from neighbouring agencies – councils, universities etc. The Trust thanked the CCC for its submission.
  • All submissions have been collated and sent to the consultants. Approximately 50% of the submissions were positive in nature. The negative aspects from submissions were either actual dislikes or what was felt to be missing.
  • Dislikes – off road cycling, dogs on leash on outer trail (both of these issues have been considered and rectified), any new building, increase commercialisation, large noisy events, lack of emphasis on management and protection of flora and fauna, formalising paths, lack of focus on improved pedestrian, cyclist and equestrian safety, outer trail improvements.
  • What’s missing – plan for addressing conflict between cyclists and other park users, more amenities eg bubblers and lighting, consideration of dogs, a plan for maintenance, improving footpaths outside the park (this is council’s responsibility), a swimming pool, educational tools and opportunities, maintenance of park boundary, links between new walking trails and Waverley Council green links.
  • The consultants now prepare this information which will be taken to the November Trust meeting for approval.
  • Additional improvements previously not considered – possibility of basketball and skate board area in north-east corner of park near York Rd/Oxford St intersection.
  • The environmental issues that were brought up in a number of submissions will be recommended to be included in a separate Environmental Management Plan.

CCC Comment/feedback

The CCC supports the Centennial Park Master Plan consultation process and believes the final plan will provide a comprehensive basis for planning for next ten to fifteen years.

>> Have your say: email the CCC with your comments on this issue

2. Light Rail update

The Trust provided an update to the CCC, with the following key points:

  • The crossing solution of Moore Park West has been announced within the last week, as a cut and cover tunnel under the park, the solution supported by the CCC
  • EIS will be on display from Thursday 14th November for a month, including public meetings and display boards
  • Proposed Moore Park station has moved to Showground Field opposite the Royal Hall of Industries and the track will run parallel to bus lane encroaching onto green space. The Trust has written to TfNSW requesting they reconsider, as this is a further alienation of parklands.
  • The staging area planned to run parallel to Lang Road is currently planned to be unfenced, which will allow access when not in use for sporting events
  • It is proposed to be a 3-4 year project with construction in Moore Park starting in 2014.
  • Information boards will be put up around areas affected.
  • The Trust cautioned that the design can still change, as the winner of the tender may still request changes
  • The Chair noted the Moore Park west article and photo will be in this week’s Wentworth Courier (was in Southern Courier 2 weeks ago).

CCC Comment/feedback

The CCC supports the Light Rail and was pleased that common sense and community concerns had prevailed in the choice of crossing for Moore Park West. The CCC also supported the Trust in representations to TfNSW to use the current bus route, not alienate additional parkland by running the tracks outside it.

>> Have your say: email the CCC with your comments on this issue

3. Upcoming events

Upcoming events include:

  • 13/11 JP Morgan Corporate Challenge
  • 16/11 – Polo in the City
  • 8/12 – Tropfest
  • 12/12 – 23/3/14 – Moonlight Cinema
  • 25/1/14 – Avicii – 15 yr+ event with licenced area for 18 yr+ (10pm finish)

(ii) Events completed include:

  • 20/10 – Miracle Babies
  • 26/10 – Boarder X (skater championship) and Spooks in the Park (Halloween)
  • 3/11 – Walk 4 Life – Dr Charlie Teo fundraiser ($75 000 raised)

CCC Comment/feedback

The CCC noted that the Avicii concert would increase the major music events to two for FY14.

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4. Election of new CCC Chair and thanks to retiring members

SallyAnn Hunting was unanimously appointed the new Chair for the CCC and will become a Trustee in time for the first board meeting in February 2014, following ratification by the NSW government. The CCC congratulated the new Chair on her appointment.

The current chair, Giles Edmonds, and two other members, Rosemary Kingsford and Melinda Hayton, have completed their term on the CCC, as prescribed under the Act (two consecutive terms of two years each term), and will leave the CCC at the end of the year. The Chair thanked all the CCC members for their support and enthusiasm for the past two years, and to Rosemary and Melinda in particular for all their work over the last four years on the CCC, and wished the new Chair and the remaining CCC members well for the future.

5. Other issues considered

Matters also discussed by the CCC included:

  1. Belvedere Amphitheatre – work has now just about completed, with a scheduled opening by 12 December which is when Moonlight Cinema starts.
  2. Kippax Lake - first cleaning since 1996. Work includes repairs to retaining wall, cleaning of sculpture, and removal of excess silt. Draining the lake involved relocating the swans and the eels.
  3. ‘The Shed’ at Queens Park - The liquor licence has been granted by OLGR, to open up to 8.30pm Sun-Wed and to 10pm Thurs – Sat. A Trust member spoke at recent Queen’s Park Precinct meeting and got very positive reaction.
  4. CPMPT and RBGT review update – The CEO provided an update on his review to look for opportunities to improve services and create synergies between the two organisations. He will report back to the boards by late November and it is proposed any changes would be over a 2 year period. It was noted the CP CCC would remain, and perhaps a CCC for RBGT could be established.
  5. Regulation Review – The last amendments were made in 2009 and the current 5 year period ends in September 2014 – Government has to be notified in advance of any changes. The CCC provided feedback on a number of opportunities to update the regulations.
  6. Cottage Accommodation - Trustees have granted approval for the Superintendent and Rangers cottages to be run as boutique accommodation. There is a guarantee of 5 days/year that CP can use the cottages for events and an additional 5 days available at a greatly reduced rate.
  7. Community consultation – the Chair and a senior member of the Trust had met with a local resident regarding noise from the recent Listen Out concert.
  8. CCC recruitment - 19 applications have been received for the three vacant positions. Short-listing will take place within the next week, with interviews scheduled for late November.
  9. Parklands Tour – The Trust is arranging a tour of the Parklands for Trustees, CCC and Foundation members to review progress on all the major projects undertaken in the past year. All CCC members are encouraged to attend.
  10. Marketing – the Trust provided an update on the new design for the CP website, the new Dogs in CP brochure and the new Education Precinct flyer.

Next Meeting: Tuesday 11 February 2014