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    Staying fit and healthy is just a walk in the Park! Download our free Centennial Park walking apps - available for Apple and Android smartphones. More info and download links here.

  • Swamp Closures

    Lachlan Swamp will close on days above 36C to minimise disturbance to the Flying Foxes. There will be no access to visitors.

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    Our great new book on the history of Centennial Park is now on sale, and can be ordered online. Great gift idea. More info.

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Doog the Right Thing

Over 1.1 million dog walks are made in Centennial Park each year among a range of other community activities and groups. Like all great parks in the world, we have rules and regulations to benefit visitors and to help us protect the Parks’ plants and animal life.

Supporting our annual Share the Park campaign, ‘Doog the Right Thing’ is focussed on rewarding positive behaviour of both dog owners and their pooches for effective dog control when visiting Centennial Park.

How can you be rewarded?

Over the next four weeks, good behaviour will be rewarded by Parklands Rangers patrolling Centennial Park with free coffee and doggy treat vouchers to redeem from the Centennial Homestead Pantry.

Additionally, visitors who post a creative 30 second video to social media showing how they ‘Doog the Right Thing’ in the Park could win an overnight stay at The Ranger's Residence with their dog. (T&C apply)

Remember to use the #doogtherightthing hashtag when posting on social media for your entry to be considered!

What are the rules and regulations around dogs?

There are four simple rules to remember when walking a dog in Centennial Parklands:

  1. Respect the Park by picking up and binning dog poo in one of the 360 bins across the Parklands.
  2. Obey on and off leash areas and get to know where they are in Centennial Park.
  3. Keep dogs under effective control at all time in line with NSW State Law.
  4. Keep dogs off the horse track at all times.

'Doog the Right Thing’ will run from Tuesday 21 November to Tuesday 19 December 2017.