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Birdwatching - Book

Birdwatching (also known as 'twitching') is a highly popular activity in Centennial Parklands due to the wide number of bird species that can be seen here throughout the year.

The wide range of species seen here is as a result of the varied range of landscapes and environments that are found in a relatively small area (eg. urban forest, wetlands, open plains, native and exotic plant species plantings).

In fact, around, 140 different species have been spotted!

Want to know more? You can download a bird list from our Conservation Management Plan here (PDF, 56 kb) or visit our Birds in the Parklands section.


Guided birdwatching tours in Centennial Parklands

Centennial Parklands' resident birdwatcher tour guide is Trevor Waller.

Trevor WallerTrevor, who has become a regular guest on ABC 702 as a bird expert, has been passionate about birdwatching for almost 20 years.

He has led is popular 'Birdwatchers Breakfast' tours in Centennial Park for more than 10 years. These are excellent walks for anyone with an interest in birdwatching, or just learning more in the bird life of Sydney's urban areas. And of course, they include breakfast!

Visit our What's On section or contact the Parklands Office for details on the next scheduled tour.


Volunteer birdwatching opportunities

Birdwatching is more than just a peaceful pastime. In partnership with Birding NSW we undertake important survey and research work on birds in the Parklands that provides important data for the Birds Australia Bird Atlas.

The Centennial Parklands Foundation operates a volunteer birdwatching program which anyone can learn and contribute to. This is a great fun opportunity to learn a new skill and practice it in your spare time, while making a meaningful contribution to a national project.

Sick and injured birds

If you come across a sick or injured bird in Centennial Parklands, it is important that you do not handle it. You may cause stress for the bird, cause yourself an injury and/or unintentionally separate a bird from its parents/chicks.

At Centennial Parklands call our Parklands Rangers immediately on (02) 9339 6699, or 0412 718 611 after hours.

Outside Centennial Parklands contact WIRES on 13 000 WIRES (or 1300 094 737).


Further information

Further information is available on:

If you would like more information on birds in the Parklands please contact the Parklands Office, alternately the following are websites of interest on birds in Australia: