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    Staying fit and healthy is just a walk in the Park! Download our free Centennial Park walking apps - available for Apple and Android smartphones. More info and download links here.

  • Swamp Closures

    Lachlan Swamp will close on days above 36C to minimise disturbance to the Flying Foxes. There will be no access to visitors.

  • Centennial Park History Book

    Our great new book on the history of Centennial Park is now on sale, and can be ordered online. Great gift idea. More info.

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Safety & Operational Information

Why is the Garden fenced within an open Park?

The Garden is free and will remain open and accessible 7 days a week, between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm. During the early consultation phases it became apparent that a fenced space was desirable for adults and carers to best manage dependents. The Garden will also need to be closed for essential horticulture and maintenance services which may not be safe to conduct with children onsite.

As above – on occasions, the Garden may need to be temporarily closed.

Why will the Garden be closed for one month during the year?

The Garden is expected to be closed for around one month during the quieter winter period to allow for non-essential maintenance and the re-establishment of the plantings that form such a critical component of this living natural environment.

What are the maintenance procedures around the water play area?

The unique Artesian water play area at the Garden has been designed with the following educational outcomes in mind:

  • Investigation of properties of materials and scientific principals such as pressure, cause and effect, floatation;
  • Understanding of the hydrology of the Botany aquifer and an urban wetland through interactive play;
  • Negotiation of uneven ground, balancing, moving through water developing resilience and gross and fine motor skills.

The system has been constructed with shallows and water jets fed with filtered tap water. An in-built alarm notifies of any changes in water quality.

Water is constantly filtered and correct PH balances maintained.

How will you guarantee the water quality and how often will it be cleaned?

Water is monitored regularly with in-built alarms to notify of any changes in water quality.

Water is constantly filtered and correct PH balances maintained.

Why isn’t there any shade over the water play area?

The Garden features a variety of play spaces with non-shaded areas and areas of ample shade beneath tree canopies. All sections are compliant with no obligation for sun protection over water play required.

Why are there no bubblers or drinking fountains for children?

Bubblers are not included in the original design – but based on feedback we may include some in the future.

Why aren’t there any ropes/handrails on the bridge that leads to the treehouse? (i.e. risk taking)

All of the aspects of the tree house, including the platforms, slide and both bridges have been certified by a respected body.  The bridge without hand rails is fully compliant. With a low drop, it is a great example of the way manageable challenges, beneficial risks and adventure can be added to an outdoor nature play area to encourage children to test their limitations and boundaries for growth and development.

The bridge requires children to contemplate their crossing, slowing their movements, changing their physicality to correct their balance and cheering on peers to cross with encouragement.

Is the Grand Drive horse track crossing safe?

Centennial Parklands hosts more than 20 million visits each year.  For more than a century, people and horses have shared the park. Chicanes and fencing are in place on the advice of safety experts and have been built to the same standards and design as elsewhere in the Parklands.

Is there CCTV in the Garden?

Yes.  Safety is priority for Parklands management. We operate a safety enhancement model that includes a suite of tools such as community education, behaviour change, regulation, communication and enforcement. It is proven that a combination of strategies is required to manage visitor behaviour, in particular the correct use of roadways – a matter that is continuously raised.

The number of children participating in our education programs has grown from under 5,000 to 30,000. With the opening of this Garden coupled with the enhancements to the Education Precinct, we expect these numbers to reach 100,000.

The presence of CCTV is an effective preventative safety strategy and a proven tool for resolving criminal behaviour and false allegations. The safety of children and transparency of behaviour is an absolute priority.

Public consultation was undertaken in early 2017 in relation to the installation of CCTV at certain locations across the Parklands, including the Wild Play Garden, with several submissions received. Key matters raised included, the impact on the natural environment and the need to ensure child safety.

CCTV has been in place in the Royal Botanic Garden and Domain for many years, with similar low-impact infrastructure being used within the Parklands.

Will there be Ranger patrols of the Garden?

Yes, Ranger patrol routes have been updated to incorporate the Garden.

Is the Garden certified?

Yes, the Garden has received certification from Play DMC.