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Staff Profile - Daniel Silver

Daniel Silver - Education Officer

Daniel Silver

Meet one of our newest educators, Daniel, once a stockbroker and law student, now an early childhood and nature educator. He is also training to be an art therapist. Read more about Daniel and the diverse skills he brings to the team as well as his enjoyment in working with kids, his funniest moments at Centennial Park and what he hopes people will get out of their visit with the education team.

1. What is your educational training and career background?

Hard to believe but six years ago I was working as a stockbroker, one year shy of a Law degree. Encounters with nature, significant people, places and practices together helped steer me towards a passion that up to then had lay dormant inside. After some travel overseas I landed a part time job at a preschool in my community. I figured it would be a short-term solution while I figured out what I wanted to do next. Here I am six years later more passionate than ever about children’s education. I’ve since studied broadly in areas including art, science, philosophy and literature. I’ve worked with a number of schools and community groups in arts education and nature connection, which has taught me a great deal. However I think my richest education has come from time spent in the bush. Watching, listening and learning in nature has taught me so much about connecting with others and understanding myself. I’ve also trained in arts education, children’s services and bush connections. At the moment I’m completing an Advanced Diploma in Art Therapy.

2. Favourite things about your job at Centennial Park?

My favourite things about working with Centennial Park… Well, first would be the site. It’s beautiful. The kind of park you can get lost in, feel like you’re in the bush, feel so close to the elements and animals. Then there’s the education team, a diverse bunch of great people, with heaps of passion and enthusiasm for what they do. The work we do so closely aligns with the way we live our lives. I think that’s my favourite thing of all. It’s a job that really helps. The work we do, every smile in the eyes of a child with a feather in one hand and some clay in the other, a mind full of questions and a heart opening to the world of which they are inalterably part. I can’t really describe in words what that feels like. Somewhere between seeing a full rainbow over the ocean and watching a baby bird take its first flight at sunset.

3. Funniest/weirdest moment so far?

Lots of funny-weird things happen in funny-weird weather. Like the time there was so much rain the ducks were swimming on the grassy fields. The kids were knee deep with smiles from ear to ear. I think weather is one of the things that seems really close when you’re working outdoors and it often brings out the laughs. That day we were also making little rafts and floating them in puddles. It was heaps of fun.

4. What do you hope people get out of their visit to Centennial Park with the Education team?

I hope that people leave the park with a seed of connection planted securely between their hearts and minds. I hope that they feel part of a community of people who join together in a shared love and respect for the planet. I hope that they learn something they didn’t think they knew, small or big, about nature or about themselves. I hope they leave with a smile because they have spent so much time at play. And I hope that they feel a strong desire to return for another program or just to take a walk through the park, sit under a tree, picnic near a pond or marvel at the amazing birds and flowers that call it home.

See a video by Daniel - The Rainbow Serpent: A Nature Play Story.