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  • Self-guided Walks

    Staying fit and healthy is just a walk in the Park! Download our free Centennial Park walking apps - available for Apple and Android smartphones. More info and download links here.

  • Swamp Closures

    Lachlan Swamp will close on days above 36C to minimise disturbance to the Flying Foxes. There will be no access to visitors.

  • Centennial Park History Book

    Our great new book on the history of Centennial Park is now on sale, and can be ordered online. Great gift idea. More info.

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Staff Profile

Sam Crosby - Education Coordinator

Sam Crosby - Education Coordinator

From a Kindergarten school excursion to the Taronga Zoo, Sam knew that she wanted to work with nature. Sam trained initially as an art teacher and has worked for many years as an educator in open spaces in the UK. Read more about Sam and her funniest moment at Centennial Park as well as what she hopes people will get out of their visit with the education team at Centennial Park.

1. What is your educational training and career background?

I originally trained as a Secondary School Art teacher, but as there was very little work available so I headed towards the environment starting off working in Zoos and Museums, but I really wanted to work in national parks and I was able to be working as an Educator in some of the world's most beautiful open spaces such as Hampstead heath in London (and now the Parklands!). Working in nature was always a goal of mine (my year 4 teacher was well aware of my career goal to be a park ranger) and now I am lucky enough to be able to bring the creativity of art teaching into outdoor learning, the imagination is a powerful tool to get students to connect to the parklands.

2. Favourite things about your job at Centennial Park?

Having those wonderful moments when you see a student get really excited about seeing an animal in the wild or learning about the cool things that plants can do. We always aim to inspire every student that comes visit us but sometimes there is that one student who's life has changed from the moment of that interaction. It reminds me of the impact of the first excursion I took to the zoo, I knew from there that I wanted to work with nature.

3. Funniest/weirdest moment so far?

I was walking back to the education centre and a magpie who was being chased by a minor bird flew straight into my face, both me and the bird were pretty stunned but we were both unhurt and went our separate ways. It would have been a classic funny video if anyone had been there to film it.

4. What do you hope people get out of their visit to Centennial Park with the Education team?

With kids I want them to know that Sydney has some fantastic wildlife right on their doorstep and that they can come back and visit any time. For the teachers and educators who bring the kids to the park I want them to see the value in learning outside the classroom and how much a visit to a space like the Parklands can impact upon their learning back at School.

Find out more about Sam’s inspiration with European Forest Schools: