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    Lachlan Swamp will close on days above 36C to minimise disturbance to the Flying Foxes. There will be no access to visitors.

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Centennial Parklands secondary excursions focus on providing students with the opportunity to participate in hands-on field work collecting data to support their learning back in the classroom.

In the Parklands environment, students use data collecting field equipment such as hygrometers, anenometers and electrical conductivity metres to collect information that will assist them form an environmental opinion of an urban open space and inform their project and assessment work in the classroom.

Our secondary programs run for approximately two and a half hours for a basic data collection program. Programs can be extended for up to another two hours to include additional activities or a more in-depth study of the topics and additional data collection.

Please note that our senior science program, A Local Ecosystem, is delivered as a full day program.

You can choose from the following secondary excursions:

Years 7 and 8Science and Geography
Wetlands environmentsTeams of students will enjoy a wetlands adventure race by navigating their way around our urban wetland environment. Using a map students will complete eight challenges such as water quality testing, investigation of human impacts, identify species of flora and fauna, biotic testing and more. Read the subject page (pdf).
Years 9 and 10Science and Geography
EcosystemsThrough hands-on activities students examine the living and non-living factors in our Botany Wetlands ecosystem. Read the subject page (pdf).
Years 11 and 12Science and Geography

A Local Ecosystem
(Full day course)

This excursion allows students to experience an authentic field experiment in ecology and gain first-hand understanding of some central concepts in biology. Students draw on their existing knowledge of the local area while measuring biotic and abiotic factors and relating these to competitive, symbiotic, and trophic relationships within an ecosystem. These are examined through the lens of an endangered ecological community – Sydney Freshwater Wetland – and a threatened keystone species, the grey-headed flying fox.

For more information about fees and booking conditions, please see our rate card and terms and conditions.