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    Lachlan Swamp will close on days above 36C to minimise disturbance to the Flying Foxes. There will be no access to visitors.

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Risk benefit and assessing risk


The Benefit of Risk

We believe in creating and delivering learning opportunities to allow children to explore and experience themselves through nature play and exploration of the environment. This is done by offering children the opportunity to take acceptable risks in environments that are challenging and stimulating.

The benefit of this risk is in fostering the development of life-long skills and allowing children to learn through experience what cannot be taught, what they find out for themselves through being in situations that push their own limits and abilities.

Our Rangers have the technical skill and experience to assess the risks and the benefits of a variety of activities that are delivered as part of our learning programs. When planning our activities we ask:

  • What skills and competencies do we want children to develop when participating in our activities?
  • What risks must we allow or create to enable children to experience the potential benefits of nature play?

Assessing risk

Learning outside the classroom will inevitably mean that the participants will be exposed to potential hazards. We assess our hazards and risks in the following way:

  • Which hazards need to be modified or removed?
  • Which hazards are acceptable and create opportunities for participants to benefit from negotiating that hazard?

The risks that our students are exposed to include:

  • moving around on uneven terrain
  • moving through vegetation
  • touching and interacting with living things
  • learning in an open space that is shared by other park users
  • being in the outdoors with its changeable weather
  • learning and playing around water

All of our Education Rangers have training and experience in identifying and managing risk to ensure that our students will be challenged by the hands-on nature of our programs without exposure to harm.

All activities within Centennial Parklands have been risk assessed and signed off by our qualified OH&S Manager. Pleas see Botanic Gardens and Centennial Parklands Risk Assessment Plan here for more details.

Each booking will receive a copy of a specific risk assessment relevant to their learning activities to help the school plan their day. During the program, potential risks will be discussed with teachers and students prior to each activity.