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  • Self-guided Walks

    Staying fit and healthy is just a walk in the Park! Download our free Centennial Park walking apps - available for Apple and Android smartphones. More info and download links here.

  • Swamp Closures

    Lachlan Swamp will close on days above 36C to minimise disturbance to the Flying Foxes. There will be no access to visitors.

  • Centennial Park History Book

    Our great new book on the history of Centennial Park is now on sale, and can be ordered online. Great gift idea. More info.

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The Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust, which sits within the Botanic Gardens & Centennial Parklands organisation, employs around 60 staff in a range of roles.

The organisation is guided by an Executive Team, consisting of the Director and Chief Executive and the four Directors of these operational groups.

Director and Chief Executive


The Office of the Chief Executive is a discrete unit that provides high level and strategic advice to the Board and the Minister, measures and monitors the Trust’s performance against the Plan of Management and corporate business strategy, and handles a range of stakeholder issues. The Director and Chief Executive works within the parameters of the Trust, however is also responsible to the Chief Executive of the Office for Environment and Heritage for administrative issues. For certain approvals and actions, the Director and Chief Executive is responsible to the Minister for the Environment and Heritage.

Director Corporate Services

Belinda Meyers

The Corporate Services team manages the Trust's overall business systems and organisational performance and oversees its shared services agreement for corporate services. This includes all financial, human resource, information technology, compliance and legal activities.

Director Asset and Facilities Management

George Salouros

The Asset Management team manages the maintenance and presentation of the physical fabric of Centennial Parklands, including the landscape, buildings, ponds and buried infrastructure. It's operations include the arboricultural and horticultural staff, environmental management, the asset maintenance register and asset disposal and renewal.

Director Strategic Planning and Projects

Denise Ora

The Strategic Planning and Projects team provides high level town planning and long-term planning services for the Parklands, project manages major capital works projects, and coordinates the Capital Investment Program for the Trust.

Director Visitor Experience

Anthony Dunsford, BA Comm

The Visitor Experience team manages Centennial Parklands' event programs and provides venue services, visitor programs and education services to the public. This work includes the marketing and communications activities as well as coordination of the Ranger/Security services and Regulation compliance.

Manager Commercial Services

Matthew McPhee

The Commercial Services team manages the Trust's commercial activities. These duties include managing licences and leases, leading business development activities and providing customer engagement.

Director Sport and Recreation

Carla Armanet, BA Sports Studies

The Sport and Recreation team is responsible for the sports and recreational businesses and operations of the Trust. This work includes sports field hire, and oversight of Moore Park Golf and the Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre.